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Recommended Camping Gear

What are some of the most essential things that you need to pack when going for a camping trip? Camping is a chance to experience outdoor life, learn nature conservation and bond with family members. While this encounter can be thrilling, it can also be devastating in you lack crucial camping equipment.

Illustrated herein, are a couple of camping gears that you should pack when going for a camping expedition.

10 Crucial Camping Items

The following is a list of ten crucial camping items that you need to have in your backpack at all times:

–          First aid kit: This contains vital items that you can use to nurse yourself or colleagues in case of an accident.

–          Food and water: While you can survive without food for a couple of days, you cannot sustain yourself without water. Pack at least 3 liters of drinking water per day. The total volume of water packed will hinge on the number of days you’ll be camping in the wild and the number of people. If you do not have a portable stove, carry canned foods.

–          Compass: A compass can assist you in determining your location, especially when lost. In addition to a compass, have a map of the area with you. This way, you’ll not only know your bearing, but how and where to move.

–          Buck knife: Whereas most campers prefer carrying pocket knives, buck knives are more versatile. You can use it to cut twigs for firewood and vines when on a hiking expedition.

–          Flashlight: Since you do not have the laxity of electricity, you need a flashlight to move around in the dark. For safety purposes, always pack an extra flashlight and batteries.

–          Rain gear: Rain gear can protect you from catching cold when it’s raining. Since you’ll be sleeping outdoors, pack extra heavy clothing and socks.

–          Waterproof matches: Ordinary matches are not the best for camping expeditions. Waterproof matches will still ignite even if its dump.

–          Sleeping bag: When shopping for a sleeping bag, look for one that has been specially designed for sleeping outdoors.

–          Light weight propane stove: If making fire the traditional way is something you are not acquainted with, you need to carry a light weight propane stove.

–          Mess kit: This includes a tiny frying pan, spoon, shallow bowl, drinking cup, knife, boiling pot and fork.

In addition to the items mentioned above, do not forget to include personal hygiene items, for example, toilet paper, toothbrush, mouthwash, comb, soap, sunscreen and insect repellent.


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