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Top 3 Best Camping World Locations

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Camping World provides service to traveling RVs. With over 130 locations across the nation, they aim to always be by your side, whether its electrical issues or motor issues that bring you in. When exploring and adventuring across the country, Camping World is the best travel buddy to bring along. We have researched some of the best Camping World locations to put on your next itinerary, along with some of the perks those Camping World locations have to offer.


1. What Is Camping World?

Camping World is an RV sales and maintenance store that spreads itself across the country in order to cover as much ground as possible; so they are always nearby when they are needed. They specialize in any issue an RV can come across, and always have trained technicians to take care of any issues. They offer a variety of services as well as items specialized for use with RVs, such as generators, furniture, and more.

Camping World locations are distributed so as to to be accessible on most common travel routes with technicians on hand to help with problems that come up along the journey. They are committed to doing what they can to provide a safe and fun journey and have based their locations on where they can be the most useful.

Camping World also offers club membership that gives discounts on propane, fuel, services, and more. So beyond being a store that sells RVs, various accessories, and camping gear, they also provide maintenance service and emergency aid as well as traveling aids and tips for members.


2. What Does Camping World Offer?


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In essence, it is straightforward and simple. The various Camping World locations operate with two dynamics and offer two types of things: equipment and service. While the equipment aspect is pretty standard, as it offers fairly typical camping gear and RV accessories, it is the service that makes Camping World unique.

All Camping World locations have trained technicians that are there to help with any RV emergencies that might come up during a trip. They provide professional service while bearing in mind that a majority of their visitors have places to go and are anxious to get back on the road quickly.

Beyond having technicians to help if something goes wrong on the road, Camping World also has a membership option. The Good Sam Club offers a variety of helpful tools, services, tips, and discounts. By joining the club, members get access to location tips, various discounts, roadside assistance, and tools for calculating mileage and prices.

The club is built to provide extra service and give valuable perks to those who love to travel with their RV. This club and the services they offer are the main things we looked at when considering different Camping World Locations, as the service and membership stand out as an unexpected addition to a well-built, standard business plan. We found that it is this addition that really makes Camping World stand out. Camping World focuses on the love of the journey, and the club is another way they can aid their customers in finding that love for themselves.


3. What Is the Good Sam Club?

The Good Sam Club is a membership service that provides a number of helpful things to frequent travelers. We went through the steps of putting together an adventure in order to gauge the usefulness of the program. We found useful tips and services every step of the way.

The Good Sam Club not only has RV campground lists and reviews, it also has an exclusive trip planner that helps travelors plan their trip stop by stop. This includes pit stops, mileage, points of interest, and the best route to get to from place to place.

This club also offers assistance services at discounted prices, including travel zssistance. This service is made for emergencies. It takes care of any loose ends as well as covering transportation, pet services, medical monitoring, and more. Beyond that, Camping World also offers insurance plans for RVs and extended service plans for add-on options.

4. Where Are Camping World Locations?

Everywhere. Because of their scattered design, we found Camping World Locations across the U.S. They tend to be more spread out in the Midwest due to the traveling system and closer together in on the coasts for the same reason. They aim to be close to all well-traveled routes so they can be close by for emergencies.


How We Reviewed

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We reviewed the different Camping World locations based on the following parameters: pros & cons, points of interest nearby each, and the average time spent at a location. We chose these three criteria based on the information we and others felt was necessary to understanding the service and making an educated decision.

Pros & cons were necessary to make a good decision on the company’s standard for overall performance. We included points of interest both to show the consideration of Camping World’s placement as well as to give travelers ideas for de-stressing activities they can engage in while the RV is being taken care of. Time spent we felt was an important criterion to include due to the fact that many people traveling have place to go and a specific plan to get there. Emergencies can make a disaster out of a timeline, so it is important to know how much time to plan for if something happens.

Overall Ratings of This Business

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Camping World is still sitting fairly new on the market meaning that it has yet to make a big dent online. Of the customers we did speak with, we found their dealings with the various Camping World locations to be overall very positive. Talking with customers, we got the strong feeling that the company and its services were friendly and knowledgeable, which is exactly what we want on a long road trip.

While we think Camping World still needs more time to get its feet under it, given the current outlook on the company, we would rate them five out of five stars. They seem to have found a useful niche and have filled it well with professional service and friendly employees, as well as unique services.

What We Reviewed

We considered Camping World locations in the following places:

  • Madison, WI
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Panama City, FL

Madison, WI

When stopping in with an emergency, there may or may not be time to make an appointment, which causes stress and frustration. Camping World has an emergency system built within its daily process so that customers are not left stranded for days while waiting for an opening. They also provide fast updates on the status of an RV, which helps with planning. It is obvious they keep the customers’ needs and priorities upfront and visible throughout the entire process.

The biggest downside to the Camping World locations, this one included, is that due to the RV sales aspect of the company, they need a large plot of land to operate. This tends to keep them a little farther from the heart of the city they are in and from major points of interest.

Points of Interest

Madison, WI is a central spot with plenty of historical sites and a great downtown vibe. In addition to the staple historical sites there are zoos, gardens, and lakes to visit. The Olbrich Botanical Garden was a favorite of ours. Admission is only $2 and the views are well worth it. Be sure to check their calendar to see what events they have going on as well.

The Henry Vilas Zoo does not charge for admission or parking, which makes this a great find and a fun adventure. They have plenty of animals to see and events to attend. Check it out here.

Finally, the state capitol building is close by as well. We enjoyed strolling around and learning a little about the history of Madison.

Time Spent

This Camping World location seems to operate fairly quickly, especially when it comes to drop-ins. We settled on a couple hours as an average, depending on the issue.


  • Fast service despite no appointment
  • Quality service
  • Fast updates on service
  • Personable employees


  • Distance to points of interest

Roanoke, VA

The consistent focus on customer priorities is seen in this location, as well. Camping World knows what its customers need and they consistently deliver that from what we saw. Again, though, a persistent con is the distance between the Camping World locations and points of interest.

Points of Interest

Roanoke, VA is a year-round tourist destination. It has parks, museums, festivals, a zoo, and plenty of outdoor adventures. If you are stopping at this Camping World location, here are some things we found that may help pass the time for repairs, or just be a fun detour:

The Mill Mountain Zoo is great for families and offers activities for kids and adults. Mill Mountain Park is also affiliated with the zoo and offers lots of outdoor trails and activities. Info on the Park is here.

The O. Winston Link Museum and the History Museum of Western Virginia is a good place to stop by for some deep family roots and national history. Adult tickets are $6, and kids 4-17 are $3. You can find all the info here.

Downtown Roanoke Inc. is the reserved spot for any type of community activities like art, festivals, and plays. They always have something going on, and we found it fun to just wander through it. You can find info here.

Time Spent

Overall, travelers spent a few hours here for repairs or shopping. While the time needed will vary depending on the problem with your RV, it is generally a short wait time for RV repairs.


  • Lots of RV options available
  • Fast service
  • Professional
  • Polite
  • Knowledgeable
  • Personable


  • Distance to points of interest

Panama City, FL

Again, fast service and quick updates. From the Camping World locations we researched and others’ reviews, this is standard for the company. The technicians and sales employees seem to be helpful and concerned. With this particular location, a couple bad experiences with some managers was noted and hopefully corrected. However, even with the negative experiences, those same customers still gave positive reviews and enjoyed their visit.

Points of Interest

First, we will just state the obvious and say that the beach is close by and is always worth the visit. Beyond that though, there are amusement parks (big and small), marinas, and zoos to explore as well.

Race City is an adventure park with GoKarts, rollercoasters, and games. Prices varied depending on what we wanted to experience, but you can check out all the info here. Captain Anderson’s Marina is great for ocean views, boat tours, and fishing. You can get their info here. Zoo World offers a variety of animals and events as well. Tickets are $17 for adults and $14 for kids. You can get info here.

Time Spent

The time spent here is consistent with other Camping World locations, which is a couple hours on average. The time varies depending on the issue, but our research showed that Camping World is consistent in being fast no matter what location you choose.


  • Fast service
  • Close to points of interest
  • Quick updates
  • Good experiences with technicians


  • Some bad customer experiences with managers

The Verdict

While researching these Camping World locations, it was easy to understand where the positive reviews were coming from. Camping World has set the standard for friendly, fast, and helpful service in both maintenance and assistance, as well as through their Good Sam Club.

While this company may still be on its way up in the business world, they should be commended for their commitment to a high level of service. With our experience and research with the company and the various Camping World locations, we feel confident in giving them five out of five stars and look forward to seeing them grow in the industry. Keep them in mind for your next road trip; they have plenty of locations and services that are tailored to your needs.

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