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Camping 101: Buck Knives for Survival

One of the most exciting things about camping in the wild is the thrill of having to sleep in the open with wild animals. Unfortunately, this experience can be turned into a nightmare if you forgot to carry essential survival tools such as a knife. There are different types of camping knives in the market that differ in terms of size, shape and blade. However, one of the most preferred camping knives is the buck knife.

A buck knife is akin to a huge pocket knife. It features a couple of folding lock-blades which makes them suitable for camping since they are easy to carry.  In addition to portability, most campers prefer buck knives because they are suitable for cutting through tough materials.  Other than cutting through hard materials, there are numerous other uses of buck knives that make them one of the most crucial camping items to pack.

Nobody knows what they are likely to come across when camping in the wild. Consequently, a camper can utilize a buck knife as a protective device when faced with a hazardous scenario. A buck knife can be utilized in sharpening sticks which can act as a weapon or hunting tool. Since camping in the wild entails catching wild animals such as rabbits for food, you can use buck knives to make traps.

One of the activities that campers like indulging in is hiking. But, hiking can be challenging especially if there are obstacles on your way. You can utilize buck knives to cut down vines so that you can clear your track. The cut vines can then be used in creating cords that can be essential in climbing rugged trails.

Buck knives are not only useful to campers as protective devices. They can be used by to cook and fish. When it comes to cooking, you can utilize buck knives for cutting meat, opening canned meals and chopping veggies. If you are lucky to catch a game animal, for example, a rabbit while in one of your camping expeditions, you can use a buck knife to skin the animal in readiness for cooking. If you forgot to carry your fishing line, you can easily make one by making use of a buck knife. Since you’ll have to improvise a place to cook your meals, buck knives can be used for gathering firewood.

Even though there are no restrictions to the kind of buck knife to carry for a camping trip, it is highly recommended that you shop for a sturdy buck knife. While there are numerous factors to contemplate when shopping for the right camping knife, the most important thing is to pick a high-quality knife made by a reputable brand.



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